Some Heartwarming Messages From Our Visitors

Some Heartwarming Messages From Our Visitors

A big thank you to David and Lori for allowing us to share and reminisce our childhood stories of growing up on the farm. You made us feel very welcome and wish you all the very best in your new venture. We will definitely be back to purchase more wine!

Fina Ginardi

Thanks Lori for a relaxed and entertaining visit! Thanks also for tolerating young children tearing through the vines… and for encouraging the parents to do the same whilst savouring one of your delicious wines.

Nicole Caligaris

Thank you David and Lori for an amazing experience.  We stopped in for a quick tasting and left a long time later feeling like old friends. The wines have amazing complexity and flavours, the cellar door is relaxed and fun, chatting to the owners/growers/makers sets this region apart compared to the Hunter Valley and walking the vineyard and seeing the Rock up close was a treat!

Matthew Hibberd

Absolutely wonderful, definitely a must do if you’re in the wine region. Lori is a fantastic host and easy to talk to. We will definitely be back.

Margaret Free

We were there on their opening day and returned three weeks later.  David and Lori still remembered us and treated us like friends.  All in all, a great experience.

Doug & Mel Reid

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